Professional Guiding Service

bullet imagebullet imageWe have hunts available for black bear, moose, deer, upland game birds, coyote, and small varmint. We offer professional approaches to baiting, stand hunting, and ethical shooting practices for all          firearms, bows, crossbows, etc.  Our new cabin offers all amenities in a clean friendly environment.  This is a Dry camp, and we discourage the use of alcohol or drugs during a hunt, as it can impact the qualityand safety of the hunt for others.

New Lodging

This cabin was just built over the last year and is suitable to accomidate 6 hunters at a time comfortably.  

abundant GAME

No matter where you go, there's lots of game to be had.  All pictures you see are from local hunts or game cameras.


big bears

Over 20 available bait sites and counting means a lot of bear activity. Some of these sites have't even been hunted as of yet!